Josh Leong is a Singaporean bespoke shoemaker based in Singapore.

His passion for leather and love for shoes led him to Florence, Italy, where he did a bespoke shoemaking apprenticeship at the renowned, Italian bespoke shoemaking brand Stefano Bemer.

Upon returning from Italy, Josh Leong established his own brand of shoes in Singapore in 2015, specialising in hand-welted Made-To-Order (MTO) and Bespoke shoes.

Trained in the traditional, Italian techniques of shoemaking, Josh Leong makes every pair of shoes completely by hand - Shoes are lasted by hand, hand-welted, and outsoles are hand-stitched.

Only premium grade leathers from France, Italy and Germany are imported and used in the making of each pair of Josh Leong shoes. This ensures that the shoes are not just beautiful out of the box, but remain beautiful for years to come.